Keystone’s Premier Golf Association (KPGA) has collaborated with Western Pennsylvania Golf Association (WPGA).


The Keystone’s™ Premier Golf Association (KPGA) is a USGA State Authorized Golf Association, licensed by the USGA to provide Course Rating and Handicap Services. The KPGA is a statewide organization created in April 1990 to provide public, semi-private and private courses and players access to golf services and information. The KPGA conducts handicap seminars, rules seminars, course rating seminars and tournaments. In addition we can assist with rules interpretation and with issues concerning amateur status. With the founding of the KPGA, golfers were provided with an organization to represent their interests. Its member clubs are spread across the state of Pennsylvania. The purpose of this site is to provide as much information as possible to Association members. The mission of the Association is simple . . . to preserve, protect and promote the game of golf – every KPGA activity is designed to do just that.



Our Mission

The Keystone’s™ Premier Golf Association is a full-service, non-profit statewide golf association, founded in 1990, whose purpose is to represent, promote and serve the best interest of golf in our state. The KPGA is an official representative of the United States Golf Association in Pennsylvania. The Association was organized in April 1990 with the support of golf course owners across the state (through the Pennsylvania Golf Course Association.)


The Keystone Premier Golf Association will start its rollout and support of the new USGA Tournament Management product to all interested Member Clubs beginning in early April.

There are 2  versions of the product available are USGA Tournament Management Club (TM-Club) and USGA Tournament Management Club Premium (TM-Club Premium).

USGA Tournament Management – Club Fact Sheet

The USGA Tournament Management product matrix shows the differences between the two products. Each Member Club will need to determine which version best suits the club’s needs. TM-Club will be provided at no charge.

Both TM-Club and TM-Club Premium will replace versions of the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP). Neither TPP Client nor TPP Online will be able to connect to the GHIN Service for the verification of a Handicap Index® or the National Course Rating and Slope Database™ after December 31, 2017. TPP Client will still be operational without the ability to update a Handicap Index® via the GHIN Service.

During the upcoming year each club will have the opportunity to convert to the new USGA Tournament Management Club program (TM-Club for short). To learn more about this transition please read the TM-Club Announcement and the TM-Club Information Fact Sheet at the links listed below.


USGA Tournament Management – Fundamentals & Terminology
USGA Tournament Management Quick Start Guide


USGA Tournament Management:  Creating, Scheduling and Running a Tournament (video)




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