KPGA’s benefits and services are extended primarily to its members and are provided in a variety of ways. Through interpretation of the Rules of Golf, providing tournament opportunities, Course & Slope Rating and seminars for Member Clubs and golfers.

The Association is prepared to handle inquiries regarding rulings, handicapping and tournament procedures, course ratings throughout the state, and any other information you may want

How do I become a KPGA member?

One way is to join one of the KPGA Member Clubs providing the GHIN or GolfNet Handicapping network and establishing a USGA Handicap Index. Players should visit one of the clubs and speak with either the golf professional or one of the staff members. They can assist you with membership information.

Amateur golfers are encouraged to become part of the GHIN or GolfNet Handicapping network not only to receive tangible benefits, but to become linked with the only statewide golf association representing public golf and public golfers in the country dedicated to serving and protecting the best interests of the game.

The KPGA is made up of public, private, semi-private facilities, leagues and organizations. The following member clubs provide GHIN and GolfNet Handicap Services through the KPGA.

Select one of the courses near where you work or live and establish this as your “home” course. This will enable you to receive your Handicap Index Revisions and your Membership card. Scores are posted either at your “home” course or at any course offering the GolfNetsystem. All records are then routed back to your “home” course.

Talk with the golf professional or manager at the course of your choice and he/she will assist you in setting up and maintaining your USGA Handicap Index at one of the following KPGA Member Clubs marked with an “*” asterisk. Courses wishing to join the KPGA should Contact the Association office.